Drew's Fat2Fit 6 Month Transformation Program
Hey Guys!

My Name is Drew Manning, and I’ve always had a passion for fitness.
From an early age I got into sports and before I knew it, it became an addiction.

I expanded my knowledge in college, learning the science behind athletics and nutrition.

My love for health and fitness and my newfound understanding of the academics behind it inspired me to become a NASM certified fitness trainer.

At first it was a simple side job, but the connection I felt with my clients and their success quickly transformed it into something MORE...

My Clients' Well-Being Quickly Became One Of My Main Concerns
Especially when I learned of the difficulties some clients had with losing weight and getting fit.

I actually had clients QUITTING on me because of the difficult fitness routines I had put them through.

Sometimes I would work them until they were literally sick, dizzy, and unable to continue.

As I said before, my clients’ well-being is my utmost concern, so you could imagine my anguish when I witnessed them feeling like they had failed.

I decided it was my job to learn more...

As a PROFESSIONAL, I believe that it is my responsibility to be the expert, and I was willing to go to ANY LENGTHS to become that person that people could TRUST.

I decided to become the foremost authority on what it meant to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle...

I Decided To Become OBESE
REMEMBER, I had been into athletics since I was a child, so the idea and the concept of being out of shape (fat) was very alien to me.

Yet it was the ONLY WAY I could better understand the people that counted on me.

So I did it. 

With weekly food challenges, and thousands of onlookers, I gained over 60lbs, and completely let myself go.

For 6 MONTHS I neglected my body.

I ate an unrestricted diet consisting of processed foods.

I gained over 60 POUNDS OF FAT, and I felt terrible.

Then, after six months, I started eating right, working out, and getting back into the shape I was in before. I called this journey my...

Fit To Fat To Fit Journey
My quest to become the expert was challenging and grueling. 


I have become a better trainer and a better person because I have been there.

Because I have been there, I want to share with you what I think is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle begins with the desire to change.

I know from experience, YOU CANNOT GET FIT OVERNIGHT.

YOU have to make the changes, like I had to, to get into the right mindset BEFORE you begin vigorous workout routines...
You Don't Have To Take My Word For It...
Check Out These Before And After Photos!
A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy habits, and a healthy mindset.

It’s not easy, but I will HELP YOU to get the right foot forward.

So I Created My 6 Month Challenge
I’ll tell you.

Simply put, I want to inspire you the way so many people have been inspired by my Fit to Fat to Fit journey.

So I am inviting a select few to Join me on a 6 month journey.  

I want each of you to go through the EXACT TRANSFORMATION I DID

And to do it right it takes a 6 month commitment

This is going to be a challenge but that's why I only want the right people in the program 

It's not for everybody...

Only for those of you that are truly committed

Because I am going to invest my personal time into each one of you

And I don't want to waste either of our time if you aren't the right fit

So if you are committed

And you think you have what it takes to stick to a program for 6 months

Then click below now and we will get started on this journey together


Try this program risk-free for 30-days. If it doesn't work for you, I will refund your money!

How does that sound?

This is EVERYTHING you'll get...for just $97
6 Month's Worth of:
  •  Personal Coach: Access to a Private Coaching Group with Me as Your Personal Coach!
  •  Gym Workouts: Never have to think about what to do in the gym again. Just follow my preplanned workout program.
  •  Home Workouts: No Gym Membership? No time? No Problem. You can get the same workout at home!
  •  Tutorial Video for EVERY Exercise On Your Plan: New to the gym? Learn the BEST techniques from a fitness pro.
  •  Meal Plans: Exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We keep it simple and full of variety.
  •  Grocery Lists: An exact categorized checklist to fulfill your meal plan at your local grocery store.
Trust me, in 6 months you will be ready to take on the world like never before.

Plus, what do you have to lose?

If you do the program and don't succeed I'll pay you back double your money!

If I can do it, so can YOU.

It all starts with one choice, just one click, to put you on the road to a happier healthier life.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Thank You.

Your Future Trainer, 

Drew Manning